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Ray Royal
Constr. Co. LtdWelcome

RRCC is celebrating 40 Years among the top rated Construction Companies in Nigeria
With a staff strength of over 500 employees including over 22 Expatriates we are a solid name in the industry. Our own fleet of over 677 mobile vehicles,trucks and construction equipments plus our own Aggregate Crushing and quarry plants,.......

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Engineering Excellence from End to End
Perfecting Service Delivery, from Start to finish.

We are committed to providing high quality works, products and services to our clients and the wider community, providing excellent customer service,improving our processes and procedures,delivering timely, accurate and efficient services and looking for new ways to provide better services at a very creative cost effective manner for our clients and the wider community.Service to our clients is paramount so we aim to provide all our clients with the highest level of assistance across our range of services, products and works. We strive to always treat clients extremely fairly and honestly. As a result, our s0lutions to clients aim to be efficient, accurate, reliable, contemporary and durable.